Wedding Planner Portals For Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad

In India, winter is not only – the season to be jolly, it is also seems to be the season to get married. The wedding industry is estimated to be around Rs 1,90,000 crores. However, ‘organized’ isn’t a term you’d probably associate with it. Anyone who’s ever actively planned one will know how crazy and demanding the whole process can be. Red Hot Web Gems (RHWG) is trying to make it a little simpler. How? A website of course.

It has launched four wedding planning portals for Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad already and has some more in pipeline, including Chennai, Jaipur and Kolkata. The concept is simple – detailed directories for all wedding related vendors in a given city spread across categories like wedding planners, decorators, photographers, jewellers, caterers.. you get the point – everything you could possibly associate with a wedding.

The site also targets NRI users, it claims they can do everything from choosing a venue to selecting wedding invites without having to visit India.


Apoorv Kalra – Executive Director (RHWG) said the following, “The portals are committed to help couples with the best possible service on the most important day of their lives. It will simplify the wedding planning process by offering huge database of various local wedding planning professionals to couples and allowing them to choose a vendor who suits their personal style and budget. The portals are also of great help to couples or families seeking expert advice on everything from current style trends to wedding etiquette. Our goal is to make wedding planning easy and fun for couples.”

There already seem to be plenty of portals in this space as a quick google search will tell you and in the long run success will boil down to search rankings and word of mouth. But for that they have to ensure they have reliable data. Most of the directory sites tend to be only information sources, then leaving people to fend for themselves with various vendors – I don’t think that will really improve experience in the long run. I wonder if anyone will go beyond the call of duty and be a little more actively involved. I smell a potential revenue stream here. If anyone is doing this already please do name them in the comments section. The four portals from RHWG do have an expert advice section – but it seems more broadcast than interactive.

So if you’re planning a wedding in any of these 4 cities, you might want to give one of these portals a try, but be sure to come back and tell us how useful it was.

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