Ajit Balakrishnan – Founder & Chairman Rediff.com Is Keynote Speaker @ WATSummit 2011

We have been telling you all about WATSummit 2011 and the speakers we are roping in. Now we have BIG news! WATSummit 2011 has roped in Mr.Ajit Balakrishnan – Chairman and Founder of Rediff.com as the Keynote Speaker. Mr.Balakrishnan is one of the stalwarts of the digital media industry and I have to confess he is one speaker that I would pay to listen to in the digital media space. We were overjoyed when he accepted our invitation to be the keynote speaker at WATSummit 2011 .


Having known Mr.Balakrishnan for years now and having interviewed him before on WATBlog  I can guarantee you that you will get to hear a macro policy level view on the ‘digital media inflection point’ at WATSummit 2011. He has always been of the view that Government needs to play a key role in taking digital media to the next level and expect some key statistics and data on how the same has worked for other industries. Mr.Balakrishnan is also a believer in the youth and its power to make dynamic changes to the digital industry. I remember quoting him saying ‘the next internet billionaire would be 22year old with crazy ideas. Ajit brings years of been there done that in the digital media space in India and if anyone knows how to build and sustain a billion dollar company in digital media from scratch then this is the man.

If you have never had the good fortune of hearing Mr.Balakrishnan then WATSummit 2011 is your chance. Trust me you will thank us for it! And if you have heard him before then you already know that WATSummit 2011 shall open to a rocking start! :)

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