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In certain ways, it is very fitting that I’m reviewing this site on the back of some very big news from Flipkart. - which was launched in September this year with an initial focus on books, but later expanded to included mobile phones as well after observing that there was a genuine demand for price comparison in the vertical.

The website is simple enough, decent speed too. Either enter the mobile phone model or some information related to the book in the search box. Hit Enter and start comparing. Clicking on the Go To Store button takes you straight to the buy page for the product. Below the results it also lists other products in a similar price range(for mobiles).

The front page also categorizes phones into lists – Nokia, Samsung, Android, Smartphone etc. And also displays New Arrivals and Popular Phones. The Books section lists popular books.

I tried out the price comparison with a mobile phone and a book. Sure enough, you can it clearly(depending on the various deals the stores are offering). And they were up to date – for the ones I checked at least.

MSP - HD7.png

MSP - FBE.png

Not surprisingly, current behaviour on the site suggests that people looking for books are more likely to proceed to the stores, while those searching for Mobile phones are mainly there to compare prices. The price lists are updated every 48 hours and I’ve also noticed that the number of online stores they crawl has gone up since the first time I visited the site. Right now it lists information from infibeam, indiaplaza, flipkart, univercell, tradus, flipgraph, bookadda and futurebazaar.

I’m no design expert, but I found it quite useful. The site keeps it simple and doesn’t really overwhelm you with information. Sure, it isn’t perfect. But I don’t see a dealbreaker here. I also asked them if they planned to have a mobile specific version of the site, for people wanting to compare prices on-the-go. Say, you’re at a store like Crossword and see a book you want. You might want to check if you can get a better price online. It would be a lot easier to go to one site, instead of 4-5 individual ones. They said a mobile version of the site will be ready sometime in the future.

They’ve also started reviewing online stores on their blog. I suspect ratings of this kind would be very useful if they were displayed along with the search results.

The Hyderabad based startup is bootstrapped. There are of course other sites that operate in a similar space. Indiabookstore and compare book prices. For mobiles, even though sites like naaptol and compareindia try to give you the best prices, they list brick and mortar stores and don’t restrict themselves to ecommerce stores. I do wonder how the site can be monetized.

If you’re a frugal online shopper(who isn’t?) and don’t enjoy going from store to store comparing prices, then you might find this site useful.

Go ahead, give it a try and let us know what you think of MySmartPrice.

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  1. December 23, 2010 at 10:29 am #

    [quote] I do wonder how the site can be monetized. [/quote]

    IMO, monetization would in all probability be through referrals. :-)

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