Welcoming Vijay Shekhar Sharma – MD – One97 As Speaker @ WATSummit 2011

We are starting an interesting speaker profile series of all the speakers who shall be speaking on a panel at the WATSummit 2011. We shall be showcasing reasons on why you should meet them, who would they like to meet and also their view on our WATSummit theme i.e. “Digital Inflection Point”. So here goes the first of many speaker profiles..

Welcoming Vijay Shekhar Sharma – MD – One97 (Also recent winner of the mobile person of the year at IAMAI Digital awards)¬† who shall be speaking on ‘Mobile Monetization’ at WATSummit 2011

Vijay Shekhar Sharma’s Bio -

Bono (of u2) admirer  and lover of originality in every sphere. Ambition of building billion $ enterprise from ground up. Been very active on Internet in early days and now in Telecom. Founder-One97 | Business Developer | Telecom | Sharp Businessman | Multi Tasker | believes Challenges has an opportunity for someone.

Three Reasons Why You Should look forward to meet Vijay At WATSummit:

  • He can talk about telecom applications and internet alike.
  • He can talk about early to mid stage growth planning for tech business.
  • He has launched One97 Mobility Fund where they fund mobile tech /app start ups. So someone looking for funding in this area should surely look forward to meeting him

Three Kind Of Delegates Vijay wants to meet during WATSummit:

  • Mobile App developers.
  • UI developers
  • UX Developers

Vijay’s Thoughts on What will cause the “Inflection Point of Digital Media”

Smart phone penetration driven by low cost android devices and availability of mobile broadband in country will create long awaited consumer internet business. Even though Internet applications and content distribution is in place. Adding mobile devices + operator’s charging interface add new scale and sustainability to digital media.

Thinking only for mobile has worked for country and looking forward, it will remain so.


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