L-Pad Invites Applications For Batch-II

I can’t think of a better time to have been a startup in India. Maybe the pre dot com bubble days, but even back then – thanks to astronomical infrastructure costs it wasn’t very easy to start up. Today, not only are these costs very reasonable, but there is also a growing acceptance of the idea of starting your own company. Already home to the largest self employed population in the world. There is a genuine buzz around entrepreneurship at the moment, and the optimism is contagious.

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Now L-pad has announced that it is accepting applications for Batch – II. L-pad, is a remote incubation program that is aimed at early stage startups. A group of mentors will work closely with the startups for a 6 month period. While L-pad does not fund startups directly, it does offer its support and startups have the benefit of utilizing L-pads business connections and its funding partner GrowVC India.

L-pad Batch – II invites applications from anyone with just an idea to an already functional start up in its early stages. It takes up a 4% equity in any venture it incubates and works as a limiting co-founder.  Its aim is to help a startup become self sustainable and cash positive. In a blog post, L-pad highlights that it is on the lookout for Individual or a Team of Go-getters. It isn’t limiting applications to any specific domain as long as it solves a problem. It believes that the strength of an application lies in the founding team and not in the idea itself.

As a startup, you stand to gain the following from L-pad’s incubation program -

  • Mentoring
  • Networking
  • Funding Support
  • Hands on support

And if you have more questions just drop by the FAQ page or get in touch with the team directly or email them at – i[at]Lpad.in. Because it is a remote program, startups do not need to relocate.

You don’t need to have a business plan to apply – Just go here.

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