Reliance Communications Unveils Twitter SMS Service

Reliance Communications, popularly known as RCom, has come to an agreement with micro-blogging site Twitter to make the latter available on SMS.  This is similar to what Airtel offers. However, Reliance has an addition here. Apart from Twitter SMS service, it would also offer voice blogging service.

In its press release, RCom said that customers can enjoy the Twitter SMS service for free till November 30. The company has tied up with mobile messaging service provider Bubble Motion for this initiative. The new Twitter SMS service coupled with voice blogging would enable users to directly follow some of India’s favorite celebrities and sports stars.

For the launch of the voice blogging service on mobile, the company has invited various Indian celebrities especially bollywood actors and singers. They include John Abraham, Lara Dutta, Priyanka Chopra, Sonu Nigam. Riya Sen, Ravi Kisen and Pooja Gandhi are the regional actors who have joined the league. Also in the pipeline are famous sports stars.


Bubble Motion has a technological support platform that will work with any mobile phone and there won’t be anything to download as well. Customers can access the service through IVR where its user-adoption potential is enhanced. And with the aid of existing voice circuits, Bubble Motion would integrate the technology with Reliance networks.

The voice blog service will be available across both the CDMA and GSM networks of Reliance Communications. It is like Twitter with voice and brings social content to mobile. On this partnership, Thomas Clayton, CEO, Bubble Motion said, “We are thrilled to be working with Reliance Communications in bringing the most exciting communications platform to their customers. Connecting through voice blogging is bringing social communications to 600 million people in India who are not online and still want to feel connected as if they were on Facebook or Twitter.”

Adding a Twitter account to mobile phones is also quite easy. Customers have to just send an SMS to the code 53000 to sign up for Twitter. Existing Twitter users can reply with their username to start using the service. When everything is done, customers can simply start using Twitter and follow celebrities, sports stars and friends. In short, they can send or receive tweets via SMS, listen to their favorite celebrities or sports star’s voice blogs and update the same on their Twitter accounts.

There are already more than millions of Twitter users in India. Considering that, there may be a big number of RCom customers within the figure. If there is an SMS for every update that a customer’s “followers” and “following” make, it would be a bit annoying. But the service can certainly be of great help in getting breaking news. What do you say?

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  1. December 25, 2010 at 3:05 am #

    I have my doubts about how successful the twitter / sms integration has been. I believe that micro-blogging and sms advertising and messaging and used in different ways. I’d rather see a platform like hootsuite that allows the marketer to broadcast the right messages to the right audiences through the right platform. I’m interested, but skeptical.

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