Google Chrome OS May Be Released In Beta Version This Year

Come December and we may get to test the Google Chrome OS. Yes, you heard it right. However, the release may be in beta form and not the full fledge retail version, reports TechCrunch. The website also reports that there was no clear cut comment on this aspect. Whatever it may be, this is quite a reprieve for all those Google fans who seemed disappointed over Eric Schmidt’s earlier revelation that the release of the OS may be delayed.

MG Siegler highlights that a glance at the code issues of Chrome OS being discussed on Chromium OS forums, there are efforts being put on eliminating the late-stage bugs well before the anticipated release. Quite a lot of these bugs are related to UI and they are serious issues. All said and done, there may still be a beta release very soon. The forums also have two kinds of bugs’ labels viz. ReleaseBlock-Beta with six bugs and ReleaseBlock-Nominate with thirty eight bugs. The bugs in the former label are somehow related to the UI issues that arise while buying a 3G plan from a Chrome OS netbook. The forums also have mild indications on Google’s move to cut down on those features containing “show stopping bugs” to have the beta released as planned.

Chrome OS

The coming of just a beta version of the Chrome OS may however disappoint most of the people, who have been under an impression for quite a long time now that ChromeBooks, the Chrome OS powered netbooks were coming around sometime in Christmas and New Year. And looking at the developments today, ChromeBooks would be just a wish for many this year.

Hopefully, Google is not going to release a competitor for iPad, at least this year. Quite contrary to its earlier announcement that Chrome OS is meant for tablets, the Silcon Valley Company has a different plan now. It announced that Chrome OS caters to keyboards devices while Android is meant for touch screen devices.

If the trends are to be believed then there is a possible big war between ChromeBooks and iPads in the near future owing to the prediction that both of them would almost cost the same amount of money.

Let’s see what it turns out to be. Everything seems unpredictable as of now. What do you think?

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