Google Increases Search Market Share In October : Comscore Report

Comscore has released its monthly analysis of the U.S. search marketplace for the month of October. The numbers show that Google and Microsoft grew their market share while Yahoo!, Ask and AOL lost share as compared to the previous month. The October figures represent the second month reflecting the impact of Google Instant Search, the new feature from Google that delivers results in real-time while users type their query.

Comscore Report

According to Comscore data, more than 16.6 billion explicit core searches were conducted in October. By explicit core search, Comscore means all those search activities that exclude contextually-driven searches and that are intended to retrieve search results. Google sites led the search market with 66.3 percent market share, thereby  accounting for more than 11.0 billion of  the entire searches.  Yahoo! sites ranked second with 2.7 billion searches thus accounting for 16.5% of the market while Microsoft Sites ranked third with 1.9 billion searches (11.5% market share).Ask Network accounted for 598 million explicit core searches (3.6% market share) followed by AOL LLC Network with 346 million (2.1% market share).

Interestingly, Google saw an increase of 0.2 percentage points over September 2010 numbers while Microsoft’s Bing outpaced Google by adding 0.3 percentage points over its September market share.


Recently, a lot has been happening in the search market. Google has been busy in incorporating innovative features in its search while Yahoo in its efforts to woo the customers, has announced the testing of its new feature that sounds similar to Google’s Instant search.But the  data clearly shows that Google is still the number one when it comes to search market. With features like Instant search, Place search Google has been trying hard to capture more of the market. Even though it gained a bit of market but I feel it is too early to comment on how far these new features have been responsible for that gain. In this regard, the numbers for November should be more revealing owing to recent announcement that it will be give up its efforts of running a crawling and indexing engine. It will be interesting to see the breakup of 3.6% share that currently accounted for. So,what do you think who will be the major beneficiary of that share ?

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