Indian Search Results Indicate Wireless Internet Breakthrough Soon – Report

Internet reach in India has grown by leaps and bounds. Mobile phones have been a major contributing factor to this but studies have also shown that the number of PCs in India have also played a substantial role. We recently reported that rural India is going to see 5.4 million internet users by the end of this year, and also a Boston Consulting Group report claimed that India will see 237 million internet users by 2015. Now a new report by Experian Hitwise has suggested that India will see a wireless internet breakthrough in the near future.

The report

The Experian report says that search for the term ‘wireless broadband’ in India has more than doubled (increase by 110%). Also, the search for ‘wireless internet service providers in India’ has increased by 42.2%. These changes have occured over the last 3 months which makes it more significant, and makes one wonder as to how soon this breakthrough is set to happen. The arrival of 3G services soon enough should just bolster this report.

Wireless India

Mobile broadband services

Mobile broadband services will play an important role in India achieving this so-called breakthrough. For the uninformed, mobile broadband services allow a more mobile version of broadband access. Consumers can purchase a PC card, laptop card, or USB equipment to connect their PC or laptop to the Internet via cell phone towers. This type of connection would be stable in almost any area that could also receive a strong cell phone connection. With companies like Tata Photon, Reliance, MTS etc. bringing out mobile broadband services is a testimonial to the importance of such broadband services in India.

3G will definitely increase internet penetration through mobile phones. With wireless broadband services on the verge of taking off, how long before a large population of the nation is on the internet? What do you think?

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