Online Gaming – ‘The Changes’ are Happening!

We, at WATBlog have blogged earlier about how Online Gaming Industry has advanced with Social Networking & Zynga becoming a One stop Shop for Facebookers. No doubts, Internet has become an inseparable part of the Online Life of Today’s Youngistan.


There have been a plethora of websites created to attract and appeal as a virtual adda for teenagers all across the India. As the cyberspace is filled with numerous gaming zones and social networks, kids find it impossible to stay out from the cyperspace; which in turn is a great way to master working on the PC. Long gone the times when children, after school, would hang-out outside homes and play together. Kids are finding gaming zones like Club Penguin, Chimpoo and TogetherVille more interesting and modern to indulge into. These gaming websites gives the young users to chat with their age group peers, interact about the study and play games. Even the Club Penguin extension of the Disney Online Studio is said to have over 44 percent of users all across the India, as highlighted by Rob Beeston, Head – Disney Online Studio.

As Social Networking has spread like wild-fire among the netizens, most of the parents are still doubtful whether they will be able to keep track of the sites their kids follow. But sites like Club Penguins, Togetherville and Chimpoo assures parents, that they can keep track on the timing of their kids log-ins and log-outs; and can set the length of time their kids can stay on online. Whereas Club Penguins is primarily a free to play gaming site but it charges extra Rs.199/- monthly for its other gaming benefits and features. On the other hand, Chimpoo, India’s popular gaming site and extension of website Games2Win, is free-to-play; it charges the users for graduate subscription model that costs Rs 250 a month, or a virtual currency model, which multiplies as users play games.

However, Facebook is coming up with a different and unique idea of gaming site for kids. Its keeping check on parents queries about gaming and websites being safe and under parents surveillance. Thus, it has come up with Togetherville, which will help parents access their kids account. The kid’s account will be linked to the parent’s facebook account where parent can access and filter videos and information for the kid to view.

Thus, with due course of time, ‘The Changes are Happening’. The Discretion of the Parent has finally gained importance which can be successfully tracked now. In the longer run, let’s see who out-smarts the other. My Bet, is however, on, ‘The Kid’ !!

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