Club Penguin Launches For India – Opportunity For Kids Virtual World?

Not too long ago we blogged about which was launched by Games2win as a kids virtual world. Now it seems they have competition here in India from Disney which has brought Club Penguin its penguin based virtual world for kids for Indian kids. Unlike which is completely free Club Penguin charges are Rs. 199 per month for additional benefits for children. Club penguin also allows parents to create ids for their children and monitor their children’s activity on the platform.


Just a pure alexa metric (though not that reliable) shows that Club penguin has a traffic rank of 9000 odd for India while Chimpoo has 17000 odd.

So its penguins vs chimps for kids. While disney allows you to stay in an igloo as a kid, allows kids to stay in sand castles. One needs to note that Disney and Alok Kejriwal of Games2win (Which is the company behind Chimpoo) go half a decade back when Disney had acquired his stake in his mobile centric company Mobile2win’s china based arm. So now being pitted against his own acquirers is an interesting position for Alok.

Opportunity Or No?

So Disney’s entry to the Indian market has to mean something. Its a validation of this space and its prospective potential for sure. But disney is a huge media company with its own TV channel in India too. And it could very well leverage its media prowess to penetrate the market and get parents to sign up to their platform. In that regard I feel Games2win has a disadvantage as just a viral growth of such kind of a platform without any credible kids oriented brand name (Disney is a very credible brand name associated with kids).

All in all the potential seems to be there but the tipping point seems 2 years away (at the very least).

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