Comverse Lets You Monitor Mobile Bills – Avoid ‘Bill Shock’

Has it ever happened to you that one month you are happy with your phone bill and the next month you are shocked to the core looking at the same because it has skyrocketed? That expression of yours when you look at the bill in the second month, that priceless expression is called ‘Bill Shock‘ by the telecommunication industry. What follows is a blame game where you blame the service provider for excess charges, while the service provider blatantly denies all charges. So who is to blame for this hike in the bill?

In all honesty, it is us, the customers, who are the culprits. Most of us understand the calling rates of our plans inside out. However, when it comes to data charges, not many know the charges once you exceed the limit or international roaming charges with respect to data transfer. So what is the solution?


Comverse – the solution

Comverse’s Billing and Active Customer Management allows service providers to actively track a customers bill. Any discrepancies can be immediately be informed to the customer so that they understand and cut down their usage accordingly. It also helps service providers to inform customers about simple tools to control and scrutinize their mobile spend.

Advantage for service providers

This tool will help service providers maintain their reputation in the industry. Due to ‘Bill Shocks’, customers not only express their annoyance to the service providers, but also on public forums which will inadvertently deter the services provider’s potential customer base. Some times, due to ‘Bill Shocks’, service providers have to impose limits on errant customers which again will cause customer dissatisfaction.

What is your take on this tool by Comverse?

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