Google To Launch Paid Movies Online – Competition For NetFlix, Apple TV

It is not a secret that Google not just wants to be present in everything possible on the internet, but it also wants to be on top. Google has been for some time now making acquisitions of startups or tying up with companies in a bid to create a social networking competitor for Facebook. Now, Google is at it again with YouTube reportedly approaching Hollywood studios to launch a pay-per-view video service globally by the end of the year.

According to industry insiders, Google with all its search technology, and YouTube with its enormous user / viewer base, intend to direct traffic to this new service. Considering the traffic that both Google and YouTube generate, it wont be long before this new service will vie for a top spot in the online movie streaming space.



So whose business will Google be eating into with this new venture? Apple TV offers customers a large collection of movies and TV shows, new and old, in HD which the customers can access by paying for the specific movie or TV show. Similarly, Roku, the set top box by NetFlix which allows you to watch TV shows and movies right on your television screen through subscriptions. With Google entering the picture, these companies, along with many others, will surely have a fight for survival.

Benefit for Hollywood Studios

The DVD business isn’t really generating as much revenue for studios anymore. Studios have to look for alternatives and online movies are a great way to increase revenues. With most movies made today having a digital copy, it wont cost the studio much to tie up with Apple or Google while at the same time the film is distributed through various online channels to the end user.

Bollywood movies

Closer to home, a pay-per-view movie model has not exactly been established. There is BWCinema which shows you movies on a monthly subscription basis and not pay-per-view. YouTube has a Bollywood channel which shows full movies for free, while Rajshri has old and new movies on their website for free.

One important question to ask is that with all the websites that allow you to watch movies for free, would you really pay to watch a movie just for better quality?

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