Would you ‘Like’ A ‘Dislike’ Button for Facebook?

It is not like Facebook hasn’t delivered enough in terms of applications, features, games, etc. to users thereby constantly keeping them glued to their Facebook accounts. The last thing Facebook would want is to instigate something that could ruin its repute. It is still uncertain, whether the supposedly new ‘Dislike’ button is for real or not. There have been rounds of rumours warning users of the Dislike button to be a scam that purportedly spreads virus to those who use the feature. To make sure that users are secured from such scams Facebook also issued a warning about the bogus Dislike button scam.


The scam is said to initiate with a hoax status update from a friend who has already been affected by the virus and prompts you to get the Dislike button too. Once you click on the prompted URL you’d be asked to install it, post doing which your status simply gets updated by the same “Get the official DISLIKE button NOW!” URL, thus spreading a virus across Facebook. The scam application is an attempt by social networking rogues to make money through tempting users to fill out an online survey with a fake promise of offering the Dislike Button application.

Parallel to this there are fresh speculations claiming that the Facebook Dislike button is now for real and is developed by FaceMod that guarantees zero affiliations to scams. FaceMod’s Dislike button enables Facebook gospellers to add the dislike feature right next to the Like button. This is facilitated as an add on for Firefox users with an Internet Explorer version on its way to hit the cyberspace. One hiccup is that only other Dislike Button users will be able to see your ‘dislikes’.

Its an interesting feature to say the least. What we want to ask our users is that would they want to see a dislike button on facebook as a new upcoming feature from their side officially? I believe it would even out the brands eagerness to be on facebook. Because suddenly now people can DISLIKE them! What say?

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  1. September 3, 2010 at 2:45 pm #

    what a big deal of difference that is going to make, how many people really value the likes of facebook, it’s just way of engaging user, I every day see people like lots of crap so what’s this fuss all about.

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