Intel Buys McAfee – Closer Home Quick Heal Gets Funded By Sequoia

One of the largest deals in the internet security space was announced yesterday. It was Intel buying out the anti virus company McAfee for a whopping 7.68 billion dollars. Through this deal McAfee investors will get $48 per share, which is 60 per cent more than what McAfee’s closing price of $29.93 yesterday on the NYSE.  The boards of both companies agreed for this deal unanimously.


What does Intel stand to gain?

Though McAfee might be behind Symantec when it comes to security solutions in the market, with this deal, Intel will be able to dominate the chip industry. While other companies have to depend on outside security programs, Intel can now integrate McAfee security solutions into their chips, which may just make the systems operate faster, and we all of us love a fast system. With rising virus threats which only seem to grow, Intel only stands to gain in the PC market. Though more than 80% of PCs have an Intel chip, Intel have still not penetrated the non-PC market, primarily mobiles. Maybe with this deal, Intel might look into that as well.

All in all, it looks like a great deal for Santa Clara based Intel.

Sequoia Funds QuickHeal

In yet other anti-virus company news, Quick Heal Technologies, a company that makes security software for computers, has been funded by Sequoia Capital India, a venture capitalist firm that focuses on investments in India. Sequoia has invested 500-600 crores in 10 technology companies over the past two years.


Quick Heal to expand globally with funds

Quick Heal has a wide range of security features which helps guard computers against viruses and other threats. They also have products for safeguarding cellphones against viruses and spyware. With the company planning to go global with their products, funds are more than essential and this funding by Sequoia comes as a welcome relief. Quick Heal plans to use the funds on, apart from expanding, research and development to come out with new and improved products.

Sequoia are reported to be interested in investing in product companies.

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