Web Reality Shows – Next Buzz In Cyberspace

After social networking and online gaming, web reality shows is the next growing trend among the youth. The fickle minded youth is now attracted towards web reality shows, instead of TV reality shows.

On TV – there are so many reality shows for almost everything; be it dancing, singing, comedy etc. Now producers are looking torward web as another platform to generate good revenues.

Many companies are trying their hands on this new platform – BigAdda has already launched some web reality shows like India Bike Rally (IBR), Get Fit India. IBR was a success – there were nine million page hits, over 20,000 followers and about 19 million votes were cast for the participants. Companies like ibibo, MSN, Hungama.com, Contesttowin.com, Airtel, Rediff, Network18 and Zatang are also coming up with new & innovative ideas of web reality shows. Balaji Telefilms has also recently launched a video blog – Bol Niti Bol (though not a reality show).


Difference between Web reality shows  and TV reality shows?

On TV, reality shows are edited and audience voting system is not transparent but internet does not have such blocks and its more transparent. Today youth spends more time online as compared to TV and these kinds of shows give them a platform to showcase their talent.

Opinions on growing Web Reality Shows Trend

Gaurav Mishra, CEO, 2020 Social says, “Web reality show trend is growing as internet is providing big platform for different social entertainment.”

Rahul Sharma, Vice President- Brand Solutions, ibibo says, “We are doing lot of initiative. We had Aircel iNQ Contest, i-Videostar, i-hunk, freshface, Airtel i-singer, i-serial star.”

Pradeep Lamba, Media Director, Quasar says, “Social gaming is gaining power these days. Same is the case with online contests and reality shows. This has come up to be the best way to reach the audience.

Companies like Chevrolet, Maruti, Airtel etc., are also showing overwhelming response and investing bunch of money to sponsor such shows, programs, contest etc…As they are get maximum eyeballs, promotion of social networking platform and participants themselves promote such shows.

Our Review

In west, many shows are running on web only like American Idol, Budweiser and many more. This a niche market in India that is  gaining popularity quickly. With the advancement of technology, many people in India have access to web and such shows are gaining hits, visits & pageviews but limited bandwidth is still a major concern as accessing YouTube, Google Video, AOL Video and others require fast bandwidth. Fresh & innovative ideas needs to be generated which will target all age groups not only youth. For sure, web-centric entertainment shows is the next buzz in cyberspace.

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