Slideshare Announces Freemium Business Model – Follows Hootsuite and Reddit

“Freemium will be the new Premium” – These were the words by Mr. Vishal Gondal, Founder & CEO, UTV Indiagames during the Conference on Digital Media By CII. This was a very interesting and true statement considering that there seems to be a tussle between paid and free marketing models in today’s competitive digital world. Slideshare have bolstered Mr. Gondal’s statement by announcing that they are going to adopt a freemium business model for professionals, small businesses and enterprises.


For those who don’t know how SlideShare works, SlideShare is kind of like the YouTube for presentations. Launched initially to allow offices to share presentations amongst their employees, it later expanded to uploading all kinds of presentations in PDF, PowerPoint, or OpenOffice format, some merely for entertainment purposes.

PRO Plans

According to these new plans, SlideShare allows you to share presentations for free like before but those who want more value like customizing their pages, monitor conversions and track engagement can choose from anyof the three PRO plans; Premium, Gold, and Silver

Premium Plan – The Premium plan, the most expensive of the three at $249 per month, gives you unlimited leads each month and gives you more control over comments and transcripts. Controlling of transcripts is only available in the premium plan.

Gold Plan – The Gold plan is the intermediate site that is available to users at $49 per month. Through this, users will get 70 leads per month and get everything else in the premium plan apart from transcripts’ control.

Silver Plan – The cheapest plan available is the Silver plan for $19 a month wherein you get 30 leads per month. Apart from getting a custom channel with your content, users will get all the features available in the Gold plan through this base plan.

How is it free?

Many believe that Freemium = Free, but the real meaning of freemium is that you get basic services for free, while having to pay for the premium services.

Hootsuite and Reddit had recently gone the Freemium way and SlideShare seems to have followed that trend.

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