Nokia Introduces ‘Nokia Listings’

Nokia has launched an exclusive service in India known as ‘Nokia Listings’. Nokia Listings (now in Beta phase) has been developed to connect buyers and sellers (or employers and job seekers) in the simplest manner. Nokia Listings is designed for three major categories of listings:

1.    Buy & Sell – Find or post items for sale
2.    Jobs – Find or post a job
3.    Local Services – Access or advertise services such as auto repairs, driver services, plumbers, etc.

nokia listings

The Opportunity Niche

Nokia has identified that majority (60%+) of the hiring and consumer-to-consumer transactions in emerging markets currently occur via word-of-mouth or through middlemen. Their goal is to bring the benefits of a digital marketplace to users of basic mobile phones (Series 40) without GPRS connections.

Some amazing features

  • The application is fully functional on both SMS and GPRS.
  • No explicit registration required.
  • Listings are geo-coded so that the user is able to find the services nearest to his/her place.
  • Users have the ability to call or SMS the other party through the application and forward listings via SMS to their friends.

My 2 Cents

The application surely looks promising. This application has highlighted two important points. Firstly, launching of this application exclusively for India, shows the importance of India as a market for Nokia and the amount of emphasis Nokia is giving to Indian customers and their needs. Secondly, this application is clearly for the bottom of the pyramid Nokia customers. Launching an application to tap into the needs of this segment is noteworthy.

So is this another strategy by Nokia to win back the Indian market? Considering that their revenues, and hold, on the Indian market are going down, they definitely needed a new strategy to boost their sales. Last week Nokia had announced that it would give free phones in villages and now this. What are your views?

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