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Women giving shopping second priority is something men would never fathom in their dreams. I might be targeting the stereotype with the previous statement but it is no myth that women love to shop. And now with shopping just a click away, they should be more indulged in shopping that ever before. Right? To the relief of all those husbands whose wives own a credit card, and those boyfriends who would now have had to sit in front of the computer and say, “That top would be perfect on you”, ViziSense have released its first customized report on the online behavior of Indian women.

According to this report, the female users indulged in search, email and social networking more than any other online activity. As a matter of fact, shopping did not even make the the top 7 category of what women like to do online! Of course, this might just prove they prefer physically going to stores than shopping online. The test group were in fact 2200 women from ViziSense who form the Indian ViziSense panel. Below are the top three categories in terms of users  (in millions) for the first four months of 2010.


The report also mentions demographics such as age, occupation, and geography. Interestingly, though Facebook has seen an increasing number of users above 65 years in the last couple of months, this ViziSense report shows that women between the ages of 15-24 visit social networking websites more often. Also, it is reported that though women in South India spend more time online (61%) than their North Indian counterparts, North Indian women spend more time(55%) on social networking.


For me, this difference in social networking is somewhat predictable. North Indians definitely prefer social activities and like to mingle amongst friends online. Being a South Indian myself, I know for a fact that though online social networking is gathering momentum down south, people there prefer to be face-to-face. Of course the trend is fast changing, but it will definitely be some time before social networking down south will reach the numbers that the north achieves. This difference in the social networking numbers can also be attributed to the comparatively faster “westernization” of the north as compared to the south.

Where reports such as these can help is in digital / social  media marketing. For example, the report states that women tend to check emails between 11am-12pm. So an email marketing strategy for women between that time period might prove effective. Similarly, search and social networking patterns can be used though they differed drastically from the email pattern.

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