On a New Internet High – Indian SMBs

Over a decade ago, Internet was deemed as a sensation in India, most often used for entertainment purposes amongst youth. I, for one, employed most of my leisure time in chatting, sending senseless e-mails to friends, playing silly online games, surfing movie and wrestling sites, etc in the late 90s. This not only ensured me wasting my precious time, but it also did not exemplify internet’s worth and its aptitude. Obviously, the services of internet are myriad and it is too difficult for us to dig into nitty-gritties. However, the internet has now become a hub for Indian Small and Medium Businesses. The depletion of ways to enhance their business connectivity drove Indian SMBs to go in pursuit of newer tactics to foster business growth. And their answer lay with simple internet and web related products and services like broadband, e-commerce, intranet, etc. These tools when effectively used would enhance business as well as consumer relations.

India’s association with internet was not quite impressive right from the beginning due to barriers hoisted by government organizations with uneasiness over security issues. However, over a period of time, India learnt to be more progressive and through its alliance with the internet, now stands a potential threat to developed nations. The rationale behind this stalwart statement is the fact that our Small and Medium Business Enterprises have now become internet’s newest high spending consumer market.

Internet, for a significant period of time now, has been the best platform for companies like Amazon.com, Ebay.com, etc. and now it is the turn of the SMBs to exploit the benefits that internet has to offer. Though more than half of Indian SMBs do not possess their own websites, with increase in the expenditure on the internet, the tables would most definitely turn.

Also, the trend of social media sites being used only by end-users has transformed and enterprises also avail the services of both general (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and professional (LinkedIn) social networking sites for purposes of sales, advertising and marketing. Consumers, who were spoilt for choice with many products on offer for one particular need, are now pampered to the highest levels with online shopping options that automatically increase consumers’ convenience levels. This is another route that small enterprises can seize, and nurture growth.

Be wise, invest in internet and benefit…!!

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  1. July 15, 2010 at 10:11 am #

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