Firefox 4 Beta 1 Released- Features Galore

Mozilla has released Firefox 4 Beta 1, apparently, in a move to tackle an incoming threat from Google Chrome, which seems to be climbing high in the browser market at Mozilla’s expense. However, the official release is anticipated only at the end of this year.

It was announced that the beta includes a dozen of major features and improvements. One of these is the browsing tabs that have been moved to the top (this may not be in the case of Mac though) to enable users to focus on the contents. For Windows 7 and Vista users, the menu bar at the top (in earlier versions) has been replaced with a single Firefox button that has the menus. Altogether, the UI is cleaner now.


A few takeaways from the new version are:

•    New Add-on manager that will make the task of customizing your browser a child’s play

•    Watch HD quality videos on Youtube and other sites with the new WebM feature

•    You can now be sure of a better privacy for your browsing history

•    Run the latest and best web apps with the HTML5 support

•    Build real-time, online interactions like gaming and chatting using WebSocket

•    Ultimately, a faster browsing experience

Being the first beta, there could be many issues with the features. And all of these, for sure, are not going to be there in the final release unless they work fine. As such, a lot of testing and feedback are still required. Given the new features, it could possibly become the ultimate browser of the world.  What is your take on this?

You can download Firefox 4 Beta 1 here.

2 Responses to “Firefox 4 Beta 1 Released- Features Galore”

  1. hardi
    July 8, 2010 at 10:22 am #

    Nice article. Can you please share information on the revenue model of internet browsers.

  2. July 8, 2010 at 6:11 pm #

    Firefox is dead slow, hope its avatar is a speedy one. I use chrome it is faster then hell.

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