iXiGo Powers Flight Search On New Delhi And Hyderabad Airport Websites

In a new win for iXiGo, the company is now powering the travel search on the official websites for the Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) and the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport of Hyderabad.

This will definitely help the company to reach out to a larger audience. This move is in conformance with the views Aloke Bajpai, founder of iXiGo outlined in an online interview last year. He said, “We are also working on the challenge of building connectivity and relationships with all international airlines flying from India in order to take our international flights product (in beta) to the next level and ready to be immersed into the core product.”

He also went on to say that online travel agencies depended on flight transactions for a significant percentage of their revenues. Moreover iXiGo considers as one of its major strengths in being able to reach out to those consumers who can shell out Rs.10000-20000 for air tickets and accommodation. IXiGo is of the opinion that patronizing this relatively elite group of consumers is their niche and helps in gaining efficient returns. Last year itself it claimed that its flight engines caused 2% of online transactions in India.

Therefore it is clear that the company considers flight travel as a very promising segment for the company and has been working to develop enhanced search engines for the same. They are employing a meta- search based engine for the new websites, which is relatively new in India though it is used quite commonly in international systems.

The new websites have a good interface. The flight search listings are comprehensive offering the required options for customizing the search options such as arrival times, departure times, price range of tickets etc. Same can be said about the hotel search listings as well. Its services can further add value to the traveler by combining its search capabilities regarding bus and other modes of transport within the respective cities and all modes connecting the city to other smaller places.

This deal will help iXiGo in increasing its customer base. Lets hope that its search engines will result in a better user experience. What do you think?

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