Is Google Planning To Venture Into Social Gaming?

Google is definitely feeling the “Social Heat” from Zuch‘s baby (read Facebook) and other social web players. We have seen Google launching various tools to counter the already available social services such as the Google Buzz and Google Wave. But these two have not done any good either. Add to this the woes of Orkut which has already been overtaken by Facebook in terms of traffic and number of registered users. And now the web is talking about a possible new competitor to FacebookGoogle Me.


Recently Google launched a game in YouTube to show off Chrome browser. The game basically involves a complex Mechatronics video which shows a ball traversing through complex paths and you need to answer few questions on various platforms such as Twitter and (integrated inside the game) to get through next levels and at the end you are presented with your score and of other users who have topped a particular level.

Similarly, A few days back Google had replaced it’s logo on the search homepage with a Pacman game. Stats also say that the game was played by everyone all over the world amounting to a total duration of  almost 5 Million hours! Given the fact that most of the users are signed in to their Google account almost everytime (thanks to GMail), it could have been very easy for Google to collect user data such as their usernames and their Pacman scores.

Although Google did not chip in any way to share the scores on a social web service (say Google Buzz), but who knows these games could well have been an experiment for more games that are yet to come from Google. However, we cannot comment on the success of such social Games from Google as most of Google’s ventures in social platforms have not been as much of a hit as it’s other services have been.

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