The Big Fight: Social Media Vs Traditional Media

A recent survey by Gartner Inc Analysts said that newspapers are faced with declining circulations, falling offline and online revenue, and competition from digital sources, but are failing to capitalize on their biggest supporters, their readers. Also Universal McCann has released a new report on the impact of social media (such as blogs, social networks, online video) on the media landscape. It surveyed 17,000 Internet users worldwide.  The report found that social media is a global phenomenon.

Here some current problems with traditional media with reference to seeking news can be outlined. Today with all travel-light mentality people consider it extremely bulky to carry a printed paper with them. Television is still very much watched for news but the timings is a major problem. The timings of news broadcast may not suit everyone. Also many a times people are interested on listening to only selected news of their interest. At such times use of social media or technological sites is always more sought after for its mere convenience and the variety.

Technology giants such as Google, Apple and Microsoft are now more trusted than traditional news media, a study has found. According to the new study, the majority of people rated online privacy as one of their major concerns when using the internet after both Google and Facebook were hit by rows over people’s private details being disclosed on the web. The study, of more than 2100 people, found nearly half they trusted the big three technology firms Apple, Google and Microsoft” completely” or “a lot”. This was compared to eight per cent trusting Twitter and 13 per cent saying they had more faith in Facebook.

There are some issues like privacy with social media but as those things are getting sorted the use of social media for news is definitely on the rise. Do let us know your take on this..

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  1. Manisha
    June 25, 2010 at 4:40 pm #

    Internet is a booming medium but yet not very developed in India. Social Media is useful but the target audience remains limited in it. Television is yet a very large medium and covers a lot of masses specially women at prime hours. Housewives is yet a profession for around 60% of the women in India. Hence television is successful most of the times to attract them to many products.

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