OnlyMyHealth – Jagran Prakashan’s Dedicated Health Portal – Our Review

OnlyMyHealth as name suggests is a online platform dedicated towards highlighting health & lifestyle related matters. This portal has been launched by MMI Online, the Internet division of Jagran Prakashan. Portal has been launched in two languages – English & Hindi, though portal is in beta version (hardly matters, google’s many products are still in beta version).


As this portal is dedicated to health segment so it covers all the matters related to health from yoga, medicine, diseases, therapies to parenting, pregnancy and kids’ health issues. Many tools like videos, slideshows, recipes, articles, yoga steps and more…are also added to retain the visitor and increase time on site. It also covers list of hospitals, nursing homes and doctors, however list of limited to few cities only.

As of now, site is having more than 10000 articles and company is planning to do some exclusive content tie-ups in future with content producers to syndicate health related content. Apart from Jagran’s own initiative, Harvard Medical School and National Institute of Health is their leading content partner.

OnlyMyHealth will also follow the standard online advertising from health and lifestyle goods manufacturers, over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, hospitals and doctors. MMI will sell MMI on-site ad inventory on CPM model alongwith banner ads, rich media innovations, page takeovers and video ads.

Eco-friendly color of health – Green is used as main color for designing the portal. Design can be much better and interactive. Comments are off for some articles. No advertisement on portal yet.

Our Review
Portal concept is good but its not very well drafted and implemented, it has big room for improvement. Currently, only few players are focusing on health industry so Jagran Prakashan has big room to capture & be the leader.

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  1. June 4, 2010 at 11:30 am #

    Hi Seema:

    I read your review and would love to understand how we can better our site: Please do send me your feedback regarding where are the faults and we will try our best to fix in the next release.

    Many thanks,

    Sukirti Gupta
    CEO MMI Online

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