Travel Sites Register A Growth Of 50% In Their Indian User Base

Indians are rapidly becoming tech savvy, especially when it comes to making their travel arrangements. Comparing the current scenario in Online Travel  space to what it was in 2009,  we can only see things getting better. In a recent survey conducted by comScore, it has been found that there has been a 50% rise in the number of Indians visiting travel sites since last year. This number currently stands at 14 million which is more than one third (37%) of the entire Indian online population. Moreover Indians rank second globally with respect to the average time spent by every individual on a travel site, just behind United Kingdom.

The survey reveals many other important characteristics. As railways are one of the most cost effective and convenient means of travel for Indians, consequently Indian Railways has emerged as the most visited travel site with 7.7 million visitors. MakeMyTrip and Yatra Online are second and third respectively. More than half of these visitors also use 2-3 travel sites to compare prices causing a few travel sites to register triple digit growth. These sites include Travelocity, and Back in February, Ixigo had reported that 61% Of travellers aren’t loyal to any Online Travel Agency in a survey which was conducted by them.

As mentioned by comScore, these numbers do not take into account the visitations made from public computers and mobile phones. This means that the numbers could be larger and the usage even more frequent than has been discovered by the survey.

In terms of the user behavior, individuals on an average spent 38.4 minutes on travel sites. Indian Railways has emerged as a strong player in this category as well due to the fact that, on an average users spent 33 minutes on its websites. Overall visitors consumed 58 pages of content and averaged 4 visits to travel sites per month.

The report has verified the trends that we see emerging today in India. Firstly Indian Railways have always and still occupy a very important and strong position in the Indian travel scenario. Moreover Indians are adapting the use of internet and its search capabilities at a very impressive rate in their daily lives to improve their use of time and money.

These are very positive trends. The healthy demand for travel information has encouraged the development of many travel sites which are fulfilling this need for information successfully. This demand will continue to fuel growth in travel sites and this growth will attract more users. This is noteworthy not only for travel sites but also for other web services. The survey has proved that Indians are now open and ready to adopt the power of internet as much as possible to streamline their lives and will do so at very rapid rates.

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