Youtube Adds Hashtags To Comments And Makes It More Colourful!

Youtube comments usually make no sense at all. Now, Youtube has come up with another way to make ‘ kids ‘ happy and annoy others. From now on, you will notice something like this in your comment box  :


They have also enabled search for these comments. Check example here.

If you are wondering how you can join the fun and flood the comments with colorful orange boxes with enclosed text. Here is how you can do it  :

Whilst commenting, type

#LOL / #FTW / #OMG / #FAIL

and submit the comment.

Youtube hasn’t made a blog post about this addition ( and maybe they won’t ..) but I am  calling this ‘ Youtube Hashtags ‘ .

Why ?

Well, if you see : Twitter hashtags are something like this – #text , right ?  But that is not the only reason. Just like twitter, you can search the hashtags now ( click-able hashtags leads to Youtube Comment search ) . Which in my opinion doesn’t make much sense . Hope Youtube doesn’t start its own trending topic list after this. * Fingers Crossed *

Instead of making things more colourful , Youtube should focus on making Comments a bit more readable. Better spam control is the need of the hour.

Make way for more senseless Youtube comments people. What should be Youtube’s focus at the moment? Do let us know. Please, refrain from using hashtags though :P Or we may be forced to say #FAIL

One Response to “Youtube Adds Hashtags To Comments And Makes It More Colourful!”

  1. Marco
    May 17, 2010 at 4:12 pm #

    What should be Youtube’s focus at the moment?

    1. The main problem of the youtube comment system has always been the same: you can’t easily understand who is replyng to who

    2. users should be able to add tag to videos

    3. cooperative creation of subtitles (or at least the manual add of sbtitles)

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