Infibeam To Provide Instant Digital Version Of Your Books

Infibeam has launched digital platform which will authorize all the authors to digitize their publishing content in the form of e-book and then sell the subscription or content through Infibeam’s eBook store or through other websites.

It has been named as inDigi

How it works:
InDigi platform has an automated & scalable digital platform which converts paper books into digital formats like pdf, epub, mobi etc. and then encrypted through digital rights management (DRM) to restrict illegal usage of content. At last, all the digital content is stored on a secure content repository.

Infibeaqm digital platform

Infibeam facilitates the author for the distribution of content in two ways:
1. Sell this online on Infibeam site or other portals
2. Print On Demand Service, get your book be printed through Infibeam based on publisher rights.

However, no news has come up about the pricing for InDigi service. Its on request basis and will be available on both free and paid versions based on terms of distribution.

• Fewer available books can also be read online
• Eco-friendly way of reading books
• More sale of author/publishers’ books

Objective behind this new stream of service:
I have tried to figure out the objective of Infibeam behind offering this digital platform however it’s not device (though they have ebook reader Pi) or software company who develop new software to be used by publishers or authors. Infibeam may have created this platform to support its existing business -

More books gets digitized means more databank of books, more digital books means more sale of Pi, more sales means more revenue and power to be industry leader.

One Response to “Infibeam To Provide Instant Digital Version Of Your Books”

  1. May 13, 2010 at 12:07 pm #

    Its definitely a good initiative. However the issue with e-books or such platform to create e-books is that, it does not capture the structured data like question, answer options, correct answer, lesson number etc and hence contextual linkages cannot be created in the content. This is limiting the power of internet or digital medium.

    This platform may be good for literature based books but again too small a value add.

    There is now an opportunity to create a digital platform which is much more than a scanner which preserves structured data. This is a very complicated problem to solve and precisely here our Indian companies struggle till Amazon will come up with some solution.

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