IAMAI Marketing Conclave – ‘Digital Is The Future’ – An Event RoundUp

We attended the recently concluded IAMAI Marketing conclave which had speakers from both online and offline worlds. It had some tough panelists answering some important questions. Here is a roundup of the same.


Session 1  – Print vs Digital

Divya Gururaj – MD, Mediacom – Currently digital media forms 3% and expected to grow double in next couple of years. Though print media needs to customize its digital content and be more vernacular to attract larger audience and print media is popular in India on the back of illiteracy and lack of IT infrastructure.

Mitya New – MD, Dow Jones – Key success mantra is to make balance of print & digital media and don’t blindly follow the 360 degree media. Ads need to be placed and targeted well. Success of print and digital is the relationship between the VALUE offered and the PRICE charged for it.

TK Arun – Editor, Economic Times – Digital media growth is slow in India because of shortage of power, electricity and telecommunication infrastructure. The advertisers need to adopt hybrid model as they move ahead.

Mohit Hira – President, NIIT – Transition from Print to digital is happening but the pace is slow, hybrid model is still there but it has to be in perpetual transition. Ads in e-paper is a strong move to divert the target audience to company’s website.

Session 2 – TV vs Digital

T. Gangadhar – For marketers & advertisers it is easier to evaluate the ROI of TV commercial however, on internet there is a challenge of IPR.

Vikram Kaushik, Taka Sky – He strongly believe that TV industry has a long way to go in terms of growth. VAS has great relevance in India as people are willing to pay for premium products.

Mr. Sundeep Malhotra, Chief Executive Officer, HomeShop18 – Internet is not interactive as TV. TV still is a strong medium which is growing at a faster pace.

Atul Phadnis (CEO, What’s on India) – Digital media is like a universal newsroom – same content served on TV, internet, mobile and so on… TV trend is shifting from scheduled consumption to anytime consumption.

Session 3 – Internet & Mobile

Mr. Ravi Kiran, CEO-South Asia, Starcom MediaVest Group – Return on objective (ROO) is more important than ROI (Return on Investment). Startup needs focus on building awareness and creativity to do that, funds will inflow gradually.

Mr. Kartik Jain, Head Marketing & eChannel, ICICI Lombard – Most important is to place the right product at right place and on right time. Businesses need to get into the consumers shoes and ask “where does the product work best”.

Ramesh Krishnan,CEO,2ergo India on Online & Mobile – WAP sites need to evolve and improvise in terms of content and experience as price and downloading of application is a hindrance. Classified search has great potential in near future.

Satya, CEO 160by2 – Nowadays, Internet and Mobile are going hand in hand. Operators are reducing data charges which are bringing revolution in Mobile advertising. The basic key to become effective is to understand consumer behavior.

Session 4 – Will Internet remain 7% of Total Spend?

Suman Srivastava, Chief Executive Officer, Euro RSCG – Print, Tv and Digital media should go hand in hand to solve client problem and offer best media solution.

Gaurav Gupta, Director Marketing, General Motors – Evolve better ways of get connected and engaged with target audience through online media. People’s take on technology is slower than its development.

Mahesh Murthy, Founder & Chief Executive officer, Pinstorm – Digital media is on rising curve. Company’s senior management and digital organizations need to come in front to support digital media and let it grow at more faster pace.

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  1. May 13, 2010 at 4:56 pm #

    yeah that was an educative event..though i couldn’t attend it…but my cousin did so i got details from her.

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