TATA Sky Launches Remote Recording Via Mobile & Internet

“If you can do it – So can I! Infact I can do it even better!” – This is what Tata Sky seems to be telling Airtel DTH with its newest feature launch. Airtel came in the news with a unique mobile to dth remote recording feature which later got promoted on TV via ads as well. Now Tata sky has announced that it will be enabling a remote recording facility not only via mobile but also via the web. This means anyone with an internet connection can now set the recording for his or her tata sky.


DTH players have always been at loggers heads be it content tie ups or now product features. Another feature which has been launched by Tata Sky is the TVoD i.e. True Video-on-Demand service which enables all Tata Sky+ subscribers access content across genres including movies, documentaries and sitcoms in the comfort of their homes.

All in all this is going to increase the interactivity and usage of TV as on demand means convenience and that is only going to increase TV consumption time by users.

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