Google Tweets Like A Bird – Launches Archive & FollowFinder

Google seems to be obsessed with twitter. There’s a saying ‘if you can’t beat them then buy them and if you can’t buy them then join them’. Google seems to be doing something similar when it comes to twitter. Google in matter of days has launched two products that actually enhance and give insights into how one can engage better on twitter.

One of them is a new feature which will help users search and explore the public archive of tweets that are tweeted on the twitter platform.

Check screenshot below:


Google had launched realtime search and then later integrated updates from sites like facebook, myspace and google buzz besides for twitter.

The other feature or more like a small product they have launched is Google Follow Finder which is a twitter suggestion tool and a similarity tool.

Check screenshot below:


All in all the above two features are in line with Google’s mission of organizing the worlds information and making its searchable but still it also shows how Buzz isn’t buzzing yet as well as how twitter is the ‘in’ thing the world over when it comes to conversations.

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