Another Media Co Goes Social – IBN7 Reporters Go Blaze

IBN7 has also realized the power of social media and developed a platform to connect with their human assets – Blaze. After NDTV & Hindustan Times, IBN7 reporters, anchors and presenters have also come closer to audience to increase user engagement.

What all users can do here?
• Follow Twitter & Facebook Accounts of anchors
• Ask questions to them
• Read their stories
• Chat with them (which is under development)
• Read their blog stories and more….

What they lack in terms of competition:
• Well defined integration of facebook account
• Bring more anchors, reporters and presenters to build stickiness
• Updated regularly

All in all media companies seem to be taking the social route to engaging with their viewers online. Many journalists tv and print are already on twitter and these new initiatives point to the fact that social media is here to stay for now atleast.

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