Creativity & Innovation In Banner Advertising Is Still Alive – Review

Just when I think that something is dead it surprises me with a new way which is creative and comes back to life. Offlate Ive felt that banner advertising is dead. But I guess after today I would say creative banner advertising is rare and not dead. Today I came across a banner ad that I not only interacted with but I am also writing this blog post about it.

I went to Youtube today morning and came across this banner ad (Check screenshot below)


If you click on the above you will know that it asks you to click on the banner. Once you click the attributes given to the girl start changing after she starts having sprite. Check each time you click the banner changes on attribute. At the end she gets her match.

Check how banner looks at the end of 4 clicks:


The above banner was placed at the Mast head position on Youtube. The reason I mention this is because youtube is a liesure viewing platform and not only the banner is creative but the placement on youtube is apt as most users expect to spend atleast 3-4 minutes on that platform. Not sure at all about who the agency is behind this or how much and ho they charged for this but all I know is that this is the kind of work which can revive digital advertising and also get it to be paid for beyond clicks and for creatives.

Would love the agency to take credit in comments and let us know who all were behind this banner.

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