Apple iPad Debut Stats: 3L Units Sold, 1M Apps Downloaded!

Apple iPad is one of those game-changing products that builds on the success of Apple’s well known iPhone and the iPod. The iPad aims at acting as the missing bridge between smartphones and laptop computers. Other than Apple, many famous players in the sector have also tried their luck with tablet-style computers but have not had any major success so far. We had already told you about the launch of this device and how the iPad could just remain as a luxury product in the Indian market.


Let us not talk more and discuss on whether the iPad will hit or fail. A quick glance at the first day sales figures of the Apple iPad clearly shows that the device has been a hit among users already. According to the reports, Apple claims to have sold 300,000 units of the iPad already on the very first day itself out of which 250,000 units were sold on the first via the online store. Although the device is priced on the higher side but Apple is hoping that the refreshing design of the device is more than enough to lure consumers into paying a premium over low-cost notebooks.

The iPhone gave rise to the App Store culture and it seems like the success of the App Store has continued to the iPad too! Apple has revealed that over 1 million iPad applications have been downloaded on the very first day of the start of sale itself and this number is bound to increase with more and more customers getting their new units everyday.  However analysts claim that the sales figures are somewhat less than what was predicted already. For instance, Piper Jaffray & Co’s Gene Munster projected initial sales of at least 600,000 units but this has somehow not happened.

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