Indiagames To Foray Into Casual & Social Gaming – Chirag Shah (Ex-Zapak) To Be CEO

The gaming industry seems to be getting more and more competitive day by day with one gaming company key executives joining others. The other trend is the rise of social gaming which is taking shape in India with ibibo, zapak and now indiagames all having social elements or social networking entwined in their games.


Our sources have informed us that Indiagames (and UTV its parent company) has invested in launching casual and social gaming foray’s. The first of which is which partnered with the IPL this year. To head the casual and social gaming initiatives Indiagames has roped in Chirag Shah who until recently was the National Sales Head at

We contacted Vishal Gondal, CEO of Indiagames and he refused to confirm or deny the news. According to our sources this new foray aims to emulate the success of Zynga (the farmville company) in the west in India. So a lot of games would have social gaming entwined in them. We are also told that this would be a cross platform foray and wouldn’t be limited to only the web. Indiagames would look at mobile, iPhone and even DTH to distribute these games.

The reason this move by Indiagames is interesting is because this is the first time it moves away from download based monetization to sponsor or advertising based monetization.

Social Gaming The Next Frontier?

With Zynga’s phenomenal success across the world it seems that Social gaming is the next frontier for gaming in India too. Zapak is also moving in that direction and their recent work with Axe points towards their affinity to socialize their games as well. Ibibo as we reported earlier has already cloned farmville and continues to advertise its social gaming to TV. Today we also blogged about how a Virtual world is being created for its brand by Godrej and I think this is the start of many more initiatives in the social gaming space. The question however is how well these games would do on the advertiser radar.

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