Youtube Puts IPL Ad On TOI Frontpage – Rumored To Have Made 20 Crores From Sponsorships

The Youtube campaign to promote IPL touched its peak today as it featured a front page ad on Times Of India. Check Pic below:


Yesterday at the digital media awards night I was part of a discussion with a couple of agency folks who updated me that Youtube was doing exceedingly well when it came to sponsorship monies. One of them stated that Youtube had garnered 20 crores worth of sponsorship for the entire IPL series with individual sponsorship amounts from some sponsors going upto 2 crores as well.

This makes youtube more expensive from a cost per reach perspective when you consider the number of viewers TV will reach vs the no of viewers youtube will reach in India. All in all most agency folks said that this was a big win for digital in India and a lesson for all of us in how to sell digital.

Though IPL is a one off case the real test of digital would be how things are priced across the board in the times to come. Its most definitely time that advertisers pay for what is by far the most innovative and insightful medium. Question is will they?

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  1. Rupesh
    March 13, 2010 at 11:10 am #

    well, the news might be true and i guess the number may be quite more high because for a brand we wanted to do an interactive initiative within the youtube videos while the match is livestreaming, and they quoted 2 crores for the same.

  2. Pranav
    March 13, 2010 at 10:45 pm #

    really interested in post event analysis – per match / across the event.

    i believe most advertisers are pumping money knowing that google is behind this initiative.

    hate to be the one questioning all the celebrations, but seriously hope this doesn’t have negative long term impact:
    1. if yearly online spends of these brands remain the same, then this would just mean lesser money for everyone else. having said this, maybe these guys are pumping the money before the financial year end coz they’ve got unspent monies.
    2. if the results don’t measure it could easily scare away an already reluctant advertiser like coke.

  3. Imhotep
    March 19, 2010 at 6:56 pm #

    People without knowledge of online media believe “8 million” channel views for IPL3 is good ROI for brand advertisers. BUT sadly the figure doesn’t tell marketers that the majority of CHANNEL views come from the NON-SPONSORED highlights, clips etc.

    The LIVE MATCH stream is the ONLY one which has sponsor ad logo (that too ONLY on the day it is live). The video ad between overs is the only ad allowed apart from the small logo. This is a maximum 40 ads for 40 overs at 1 ad per over.

    Just click on “RECENT MATCHES” tab & check the full match views: Example MATCH 5 IN – CSK v DC – 2010-03-14, the Views: 63820

    And it includes EVERY view whether viewer came for 1 sec or not.

    TOTAL view for 9 matches where ADS are included is just 286,420.
    THE PER MATCH avg is just 31824. This is very small.

    At current trend, and using the rumored sponsor cost of 2.5 CRORE with a MIN. 3 sponsors sharing 60 matches, the eCPM comes to INR 982. If 4 sponsors, eCPM becomes EVEN higher at INR 1309.
    Cost per 100 unique users is INR 39278 and jumps to INR 52371 if a 4th sponsor is there.

    These workings DON’T consider audience duplication of unique visitors across matches. It is highly likely the same user-set watches every match, in which case the cost per unique 1000 views increases dramatically.

    Clearly, when top sites like Yahoo, Facebook, Rediff, MSN, Moneycontrol, NDTV, Indiatimes, Sify etc come at avg CPMs of INR 150 to 200, clients spending 1000+ CPM on youtube seems like “good” news. Sad thing is this is going to only hurt online industry as once marketers get results, they will claim “internet branding doesn’t work as audience reach is small”.

    Wish Youtube gives fixed large ad-space on page to sponsors throughout 60 matches. Plus video ads /pre-load on ALL the video clips. ASAP. Otherwise, its unfair to charge clients so much.

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