Now captions in youtube videos, Google’s effort to make ad’s on youtube more relevant

Despite having a lions share in the video business, youtube still is not a profit making business for Google with an estimated loss of $1.5 million per day for the service and It is quite imminent for Google to try hard to make sense of this investment to it’s share holders. In this pursuit Google is reportedly inserting captions in youtube videos.


Though this effort might help deaf access videos on youtube, it is mainly to make the advertising on Youtube videos relevant and help the Google cope up with the loss.

Google has been working on speech recognition  for  more than five years now and the company has released it’s labs project Google audio Indexing (GAudi) in beta in late 2008, Gaudi indexes  all the words uttered during an audio or video clip and add’s it to a  searchable database for normal textual search. Google has integrated the same technology to transcribe audio voice mails through its Google Voice service, and to provide spoken Web searches from smart phones.

Pointing out that the technology is still in it’s nascent stage, a Google engineer  Ken Harrenstien, who is deaf said “We know it’s not perfect, and sometimes it will be funny, … But it’s better than nothing.” as quoted.

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