Minglebox Launches MBA Colleges Application Platform

Minglebox the social network which raised 7 million from Sequoia and then shifted its focus from being a youth social network to a education centric social network has now introduced Online App 2010 which is an online platform that enables students to apply to more than a 100 MBA colleges all over the country.

This isnt a new idea or execution as Pagalguy.com which has been one of the ‘Go To’ resources for aspiring MBA’s since 2005 had also introduced this sometime back.


Both Pagalguy and Minglebox capture data once and the relevant information is automatically transferred and populated to the other applications as well, thus saving the student a lot of time and energy from offline applications. Also given that its an online application it is error free as the form wont submit with blank fields for certain required categories. Minglebox has also included a  reminder list that informs students about the due dates of application forms with personal reminders being sent to the particular user via mail.

Currently this application process doesn’t have features like allowing students to pay the form fee online. The company is also looking at expanding these online applications to a larger pool of colleges.

All in all it does look like that Minglebox is out to take on Pagalguy when it comes to its hold on the MBA aspirant audience. One wonders whats he total value of the audience that applies to MBA colleges across India. Im assuming over 10 lakh  students apply to various MBA courses as over 2.5 lakh apply to only CAT every year (This doesn’t include CET and other MBA entrance exams). That’s quite a cream crowd if you ask me and it depends how one monetizes them i.e. it could be commerce, ads or even services like coaching.

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