Microsoft Brings Azure To India – Cloud Computing – Offerings & Business Opportunities

If you have been visiting WATBlog for some time, you must have read our time to time coverage of Cloud Computing. In our previous coverage we told you about Google’s views on Cloud Computing and also how this cloud computing could prove to be detrimental to IT jobs. Well, lets keep all this aside for some time now and find out what the computing giant Microsoft has to say about it’s cloud services and offerings.


Microsoft today commercially launched it’s internet-scale cloud services platform, Windows Azure for customers, partners and developers in India. Microsoft is betting on Windows Azure in India given the current IT ecosystem here. Considering Azure’s success worldwide (50 partner companies on board, over 3500 applications already built), we feel developers and providers in India will also catchup fast with this latest offering from Microsoft. Since the Azure platform is pretty new in India now, so it is going to generate a lot of opportunities for developers and business for providers. Azure lets you integrate itself with your current IT infrastructure and implementing it is very easy. And since High availability and Cloud Apps are the need of the hour, this new platform will definitely be well accepted in the developer community.


Windows Azure is one of the several products and solutions that Microsoft has launched  in India over the last two years as part of its Cloud Strategy for Enterprises. Windows Azure offers a platform that can be implemented alongside your current environment very easily. It basically has three components – an operating system as an online service (Windows Azure), a fully relational cloud database solution (Microsoft SQL Azure) and a platform to connect cloud services and on-premises applications (AppFabric).

In the words of Rajan Anandan, MD – Microsoft India: ‘Microsoft has always led the industry in the software space. With businesses looking to the cloud to bring higher efficiencies, it is natural for us to extend our strength and expertise of the past 15 years in the cloud space and offer the value of our experience to customers’. Mr. Ajay Gandhi of Wings Infonet says “Windows Azure is not only a reliable and scalable platform for customers to access online services, but also enables us to create feature-rich applications for different devices and a large set of users without worrying about IT infrastructure”.

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