Building A Social Media Brand Community

The other interesting sessions in the Digital Vidya bootcamp included “SMM Application: community building”. Here are some insights from the same.

Why one would want to build a community?

The possible reasons included

  1. for Online Presence -  for Reach and Brand Promotion
  2. for Brand building
  3. to build an online Reputation
  4. for Lead generation and Sales or
  5. to Create a Promotional platform

A community could be targeted at either a profile,age group, gender or location but the important question in community building is  “What’s in it for them, the users? “

The main reason behind a user joining a community could be

  1. Networking
  2. News/Updates
  3. Knowledge/learning
  4. Fun/Entertainment or to
  5. Support a Cause

For building a successful community – finding  a correct niche users is the mantra.

Guidelines to populate the content on community included

  1. Be regular
  2. Put your content in the day time for best results
  3. Important content needs to be posted by Admin as it get’s more visibilty
  4. Be careful about the copyright issues.
  5. Moderate the community to maintain direction and consistency.

To promote the content on your community you should get leverage from all the following

  1. Content virality
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Facebook applications
  4. Advertising
  5. Facebook fan updates and
  6. Offline events

The engagement in a community is achieved by any or combination of humor, debate and conflicts, breaking news, unique information etc. One could measure the success of a SMM campaign from the stats of fan/follower growth over the duration, interaction and post quality, media consumption and page views.

Disclosure: WATBlog has a sister concern in WATConsult which is full service Social Media Agency working with several large brands.

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