DailyMotion Partners Yahoo! – Bullish On India

Another online video streaming company (besides for Youtube) which seems to be getting in aggressive mode for the Indian space is the French limited company Dailymotion.


Dailymotion entered India in 2008 and had taken the stance of inviting original content creators to its platform. That move seemed to have worked as over a year Dailymotion claims a growth of over 150% in India.

To compound this growth further now Dailymotion has tied up with Yahoo! in India so as to reach a wider audience. According to this tie up Yahoo users would view video content through a Dailymotion widget available on Yahoo.com.

Apart from India this partnership will also take place in markets like France, the UK, Germany, Spain, and Italy.

All in all this seems to be the only international competition to the likes of Youtube who seem to be going gung ho about the Indian market too. Unlike Youtube which already has a ton of content publishers in place Dailymotion still has a long way to go. With Hungama Digital on its side as a partner though things should become a little easier as far as monetization of content is concerned.

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