Mysore Railway Station Goes Wi-Fi!

Indian Railways is gearing up the IT infrastructure of it’s facilities big-time. The Indian Railways Online Website is one of the most busiest websites in India and they have such a powerful architecture that you will hardly see a downtime in the Online Services. From Web World, Indian Railways has now stepped into some real ground-level IT implementation in their Facilities by launching a free wi-fi internet service in the Mysore Railway Station making it the first Indian Railway station to have such facilities. The Wi-Fi hotspot implementation has been done by New Zealand-based Tomizone in a first of its kind private-public partnership.

Indian Railways

According to a Tomizone Executive – “With an estimated two million Wi-Fi users in India at home, office or at public places like airports, hotels and cafes, we expect users to benefit from such initiatives. The service would be a boon to the IT crowd that travels to and from Mysore as the tourist city is also an IT hub with presence of large IT companies here.” But the thing is most of the IT sector employees who carry a laptop with them, generally have a data-card for internet access anywhere and they will always prefer using the datacard for internet access rather than switching to the station’s wi-fi (which will involve change of settings).

The free wi-fi service at the Mysore station will be launched initially on a six-month trial basis and the Railways will not earn anything from it. The Railway Department also plans to charge the users for wi-fi access later and would look at possibilities of introducing the wi-fi service at other stations too.

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  1. klpd
    February 4, 2010 at 4:01 pm #

    this is nuts first get the railway stations fixed then think about stupid wifi hot spots. whats wrong with the management at IR.

  2. February 4, 2010 at 5:19 pm #

    Better work hard on cleaning the shit around and stopping the beggars , furnishing a bit more

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