Mobile Web : Indian Users Up 244%; Facebook Tops Worldwide Usages In 2009

It was not so long ago when every internet expert predicted the rise of mobile dedicated social networks. It is quite surprising that dedicated mobile social networks has reached no where compared to online social networks who has clogged up even the mobile web with their presence.

Opera has released Mobile Web Stats for its Opera mini browser for the period of December 2009.It has also summarized the mobile web usages patterns logged in 2009. According to SMW report, Facebook is now the most surfed social network on mobile web with yearly rise of 600% whereas Twitter is witnessing the fastest growth(+2800%) in usages.


Opera has recorded a jump of 11% (M-o-M) at 46.3 million in terms of total users for its opera mini browser.The total monthly page views on opera mini touched 20.7 billion pages in December 2009. This will surely appeal to its recent acquisition of  Admarvel.

Opera’s Mobile Re-surgence:

India specific Mobile Web statistics for September 2009:

India stands at no. 3 position in terms of mobile web users according to the SMW report. Top 10 mobile handsets used for mobile web access are still from Nokia’s fold. Indian Mobile web users in the meanwhile has recorded 263 per cent (Y-o-Y) growth whereas total pageviews per user stands at 339.

Gmail is off the top 10 site list on mobile in India mostly due to surge witnessed in use of gmail related apps made available through Nokia OVI. Orkut is still the no.2 mobile site in India but the growth on mobile front seems to be telling the same story as online war being played out with facebook.

Top 10 sites in India (in terms of unique users):


It is quite surprising to see Youtube’s continuous uptrend on mobile front and it could also be signaling the rise of mobile video streaming market in India. The mobile web usages in India will steadily rise in coming months as new telecom entrants like Tata DoCoMo takes the telcom war onto mobile data services front.

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