Hari Sadu 2.0 says – ‘Bubbye Recession’

The New Ad of Hari Sadu is Back and it surely points towards the fact that naukri’s or jobs are back in the Indian market.


Going into the history, Hari Sadu advert was launched in 2006 by Naukri.com and it was an instant hit. No one could ever forget the ‘H’ for ‘Hitler, ‘A’ for ‘Arrogant’, ‘R’ for ‘Rascal’, ‘I’ for ‘Idiot’ mega dramatic boss. The positioning in 2006 was almost perfect and directly stated that Naukri.com has jobs aplenty. Mind you, that was before Recession stuck the globe and back in those days, one of the major reasons people switched their jobs was the arrogant (sometimes illogical) behaviour of the higher-ups in an organization. Though during recession the ad was taken off air and rightly so. Since then naukri had roled out the Job index to keep a track of job growth in the Indian market. Now it seems there is considerable proof that jobs are back. One of them is right here.

The new advert enthusiastically shows Hari Sadu’s door and numerous hands doodling and scribbling on and around his nameplate with mindblowing hilarious and some outright inane words such as ‘anaconda’, ‘acidity’, ‘in-laws’ and ‘swine flu’, among others. The advert ends with the message in bold stating – “‘Jobs are Back” and “Bye Bye Recession. Hello New Year”.

In a move to bid farewell to the recession and capture the digital space, both at one go, this advert was launched on Youtube a couple of days back over the weekend. On YouTube, the ad has already registered close to 60,000 views in a week and still counting.

Besides for Youtube naukri also has an active twitter account through which it continued to keep in touch with its TG even during recession. Jobs might be back but for naukri the climb wont be so easy as it now competes with social media sites like twitter, facebook and linkedin which have become more popular than they were pre-recession and also are completely free with their status message feature to spread the word about a job opening.

One would also have to wait and watch how other big jobsites like MonsterIndia, Timesjobs and Shine.com react to naukri’s foray into mainstream advertisng post recession. Will this also cause them to roll out their ATL marketing plans? I guess so.

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  1. January 27, 2010 at 6:40 pm #

    LOved this TV Ad! Awesome!

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