Relief For HIV Positive Victims – To Get Them Hitched!

HIV positive victims can now heave a sigh of relief atleast as far as finding a soul-mate is concerned. A special website will be soon launched with an idea of getting these victims hitched for a curtailed but loved future. This new website is called and it has already got about 150 to 200 requests. India is one of the worst affected countries when it comes to the HIV infection and though the common perception is that this only affects a certain class of society but reality could be very different if one looks at the numbers. In 2006 UNAIDS estimated that there were 5.6 million people living with HIV in India, which indicated that there were more people with HIV in India than in any other country in the world.


Now I dont believe these numbers present a business case for this portal but they do suggest a crying need among these people who would usually be ostracized from the rest of the society. On important thing this portal promises to maintain is strict privacy and only registered members will have authority to scan through profiles for their betterment.

S.I. Ahmed, head of the AIDS Prevention Society, a community healthcare group in Assam said, “It is an excellent idea to have this website as marriages between an HIV- positive couple would enable them not only to lead a happy life but also to take care of and support each other, which is very important.”

From a UI of view, seems to be quite apt with a pink-coloured animated bunny with his heart in his hands sitting on a chair next to an empty one, appears on the homepage. Once you click on his heart, this will lead you to the next page where the same bunny carries his heart in a hospital robe surrounded by 5 burrows. The helpless bunny follows the cursor when pointed at any of these burrows, one for log in, another one for getting hitched, the third one to speak one’s heart, while the fourth one has chat room for the users. The heart trickles down each burrow when one clicks on it. The fifth burrow is meant for support from other people to endorse this cause. A divine concept serves a massive cause, should be certainly appreciated respectably.

Check screenshot below:


The website also plans to provide pre-marital counselling for couples looking forward to have kids post-marriage, keeping them informed about the pros and cons. In my opinion, a lot of people should support the cause with minimal amount of advertising revenue made from this platform. And, may god bless the sufferers with a fruitful hereafter.

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