WATShow With Raj Oswal – Product Manager Pitching Shorthand Mobile

WATShow caught up with Raj Oswal Product Manager/Business Development of Shorthand Mobile, Inc, who told us more about their SMS based services.


Shorthandmobile is a California based startup working on an SMS based application that helps users to get connected to their favorite IM’s and Social networks completely through SMS, this effort of the company would not only just bring the user’s get connected without a GPRS connection but also use all the supported Value added services, watch Raj Oswal pitching Shorthandmobile,the browser for SMS. This and more in the exclusive WATShow below:



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One Response to “WATShow With Raj Oswal – Product Manager Pitching Shorthand Mobile”

  1. January 6, 2010 at 11:32 pm #

    Sounds interesting, but its all about Distribution, Distribution, Distribution.

    Getting a java app pre-loaded on non-GPRS phones will be tough. Lots of partnering and even if an app is pre-loaded, users need to be educated. Ofcourse users could download via an app store but for that they need GPRS (catch 22).

    From a cost to user perspective – will it cost the user more to use these types of apps via sms or to just get a data plan (or pay per KB if available). It would seem that over time users will get data access rather than send pricey text messages (and then someone still needs to pay for messages from server to user). The apparent target segment (FB, twitter users) are most likely to get data plans earlier than others and hence there is less need for such a SMS browser app.

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