Launches Servicing Reminders & SMS Alerts

At WATBlog, wheels and their portals have been covered one to many times apparently, with their new launches and awareness maneuvers. For instance, tied up with SPEED car helpline services to attract car owners to their online car servicing booking facility. Then for their unique directory to help car owners send their inquiries to respective car manufacturers. This time again, they launch SMS alerts and reminders for car servicing.


This will facilitate car owners to enter their car servicing date by filling a web form to setup reminder for next car servicing due date. This will help them receive SMS and email alerts 5 days before their next servicing date. An alert would consist of car details and the workshop they need to take their car for servicing.

According to Rakesh K. Sidana, CEO,, this service shall not only benefit car owners all across India, but also workshops to retain their customers. MeriCAR Servicing Reminder (MCSR) software is free for all, will retrieve contact details in order to keep owners updated about servicing dates. Later, they can keep reminding these users about their other services. This was they don’t have to keep tying up time and again to draw user attention. Effective estimation, isn’t it?

car servicing

Meanwhile, other competitors like and continue achieving other milestones. Plus, the online cars market has been pretty competitive since 2006. It is one of the most emerging spaces in the online classifieds segment with news reported by WATBlog about Angel funding for AutoIndia, despite the market being dominated by players of the likes of which raised an A series round of funding in 2008.

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