Want To Make A Book Out Of Your Blog? Pothi.com’s BookSmith Has The Answer

One of the most efficient sources of news today is the internet. Especially for those paparazzi journalists who need to keep a track of a superstar’s whereabouts and so on. Blogs, Twitter accounts and more have helped the media to create a sensation of a normal update by the star himself. This even on a slow news day works. But for some, blogs are not just a medium that helps them communicate with their fans, it becomes a life diary that has everything in it that they’ve been through.


Recently in news Pothi.com has created opportunities for people who simply love their personal blogs. Their new launch BookSmith which is an on-demand publishing platform will convert blogs to books. The tool takes the URL of a blog and converts it to a print ready book that can be ordered via Pothi.com’s Print on Demand (POD) platform. One can also download its e-book free of cost for on-screen reading.

“The idea for this tool came from observing how people are using our Print on Demand platform. Creating a gift book out of blog posts is a very common use case. The heavy-weight design process usually involved in creating a print book is not suitable for such customers. So, we thought of creating an automated tool, which can quickly design the book for them.” says Jaya Jha, co-founder of Mudranik Technologies Private Limited, the company running Pothi.com.


Although in easy steps for a lay man, this platform does not have a wide range of designs which are publishable. I mean, if it’s your blog that you’ve been writing for years, you wouldn’t like to comprise with any available design, would you? Just for the sake of conversion, and with the hope that some director will make a movie on it, I personally don’t need such a divine service. On the other hand, before wide penetration of the internet in our country, we can’t expect each one to have a blog in order to get it converted into a book. Hence, at the moment, it hasn’t created an astounding buzz. Unless, the likes of Shashi Tharoor and Chetan Bhagat want a book for any of their Twitting gimmicks! ;)

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  1. January 5, 2010 at 6:36 pm #

    This is a great opportunity for everybody who wants to make a book with low or no hassle. I like it! :-)

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