‘Anti-Social Media’ – Has The Rebel Movement Begun?

All you Digital Media enthusiasts and Social Media catalysts won’t be impressed by seeing the title of My First Post in 2010. True, this is a ridiculous term, ‘Anti-Social Media‘, but the bigger truth is that it looms large over our head as a concept or a practice which can create a rebel wave amongst most of us.


Starting off on a pessimistic note, let us accept the harsh reality that our personal productivity most of the times gets lessened by the use of Social Media. A recent article in The New York Times has reported that there has started a bandwagon of people who have either stopper or limited their access to social media; citing the main reason as “Life is actually richer, more productive and better without the social-networking tools“. The first incident of Twitter being banned in workplaces was also reported as it was causing serious concerns pertaining to ‘Employee Productivity’.

So, Where does this lead us to?

Basically, the fuss being created by these non-conformists by practicing Anti-Social Media tactics might well be the casual use of Social Networking by a plethora of us. Explains Ian Lurie, Social Media is NOT a Revolution in Marketing, is NOT the way to attract millions on to your social profile and is NOT a substitute for other marketing tactics. So, the question arises then What purpose does social media solve? An intellectual guess which ought to be true is Social Media is about setting the correct expectations. Having an interested audience, takes time to build up and is an asset which people should care about; else all you would be known for is just another spammer on the circuit.

The interpretation is not that Social Networking sites and Micro Blogging platforms aren’t useful. Infact, they really are. But, not at the cost of them becoming a pure poison to one’s productivity.

Coming Back to the non-conformists, the ‘Anti-Social Media Propagators’, they are already on a roll. To believe it yourself, Seppukoo has a banner that’s shouting on top of its voice – “Impress your friends, Disconnect Yourself”. This will help you completely clean and eliminate most traces of your social-media presence, and start your life into the era of Real Networking. The Web 2.0 Suicide Machine is another such app, just give your passwords to it, and you get rid of your social-media accounts at Facebook, LinkedIn and other such sites.

Are you a part of The Rebel against Social Media ? Ohh, is it that you thinking about my answer. No doubt, as a feedback loop and communications tool, Social Media does not have better alternative options. But, when it comes to wasting your time, there is no better means than to spend your hours over it, unable to remember a few hours later, about what exactly you did. Moreover, guess there is a chance of Social Media users turning out to be Anti-Social in Real Life. And, I won’t let that happen to me.

I am no Guru, But My suggestion to all you folks there – Be choosy about the time you spend on Social Media, if your business is not on Web 2.0.

Btw, forgot to tell you guys in the beginning; Wish you all a Happy New Year 2010.

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  1. January 17, 2010 at 7:52 pm #


    It’s a cute point really. Like the one made by Andrew Keen in Cult of the Amateur. He really became a celebrity of sorts with his anti new-media POV.

    Similarly, with the anti-web thing. Something worth talking about, but the jaggernaut is already on the roll and many of us are reaping the benefits of being connected all the time. And we are at a point of no return I am sure.

    So yes, nice to write about, but no, nothing’s gonna change…

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