Twitter Plays Saviour For Drunk Drivers – What Else Will It Carry Through?

The new year’s eve has always been associated with drinking and joyous revelry. The police in most cities try their best to keep drinking and driving cases in check.


In Mumbai there have been 720 cases of drunken driving were held this year, being the highest number of revellers booked by traffic cops. Now most people might wonder how twitter comes into picture. Its come to fore that twitter has been used recently by driver in US to avoid traffic cops. Now this seems to be a real novel way to use twitter. As they say great products have uses that their creators never imagined! This is surely one of those cases.

So, if Twitter didn’t exist there would have been another hundred something drunk-but-enthusiastic drivers booked by the cops. The tools that didn’t spoil the new year’s grace for gadget freaks were Twitter, text messages and an iPhone application specifically designed to identify checkpoints.


Yet again, after the US Elections and the Iran Revolution, the birdie of twitter has proved that the web has been set up already which will only grow with time. But it’s one thing to spread the word about checkpoints in general, which the police want. It’s quite another to provide information that might encourage people to drive drunk. But keeping that negative part aside one needs to admit that great products always bring innovative uses by users.

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